What the Firm offers:

    • Legal Due Diligence on companies, projects
    • Legal advices and opinions on all aspects of the Vietnamese laws on the listed areas of our expertise;
    • Offering up-to-date advices on policies, action plans, commitments, strategies, laws and legal environments of Vietnam;
    • Drafting of contracts and corporate and commercial documentations, legal review, assessments and opinions on contracts, project documentations,
    • Negotiation with counter-parties and stake holders, regulatory bodies on projects, contracts, permits and approval, registrations and regulatory matters;
    • Assistance in submission for and securing investment certificates, licenses, permits, approvals, registrations etc.
    • Representation and proxy services, Company secretarial services
    • Enforcement of contract rights, civil rights, intellectual property rights and protection
    • Full litigation support and services in courts and arbitration

    Our services can be provided in Vietnamese and English languages

    Our Service Areas:

    Vietnam Premier Lawyers provides full services of counseling, consulting, representation and other services in the following areas:

    • Foreign Investment
    • Corporate establishments, Corporate Governance & ESGs
    • Merger & Acquisition, Business Retructuring, Project or Business Assignment
    • Contracts, business transactions, souvereign trade maeasures
    • Banking & Finance, Capital markets, Debt Markets, Fintech & Fintech Services
    • Insurance
    • Securities, Derivatives, Stock exchanges, Public Offerings, IPOs, Listing
    • Taxation; associated transactions, transfer pricing
    • Real Estates, Infrastructures Industrial Development Projects; PPPs
    • Labour & Employment
    • technology; Technology service contracts, Intellectual Property and IP licensing, data privacy, data transfers
    • Franchising & Technology Licensing
    • Pharmaceutical & Health and Medical Cares
    • Environment
    • Dispute Resolution support and services