Brand New Cyber Security Law


22 May 2018
Nguyen Tuan Minh

A new Law on Cyber-Security shall come into force on 1 Jan 2019. This new Law, the first of its kind in Vietnam, shall set a new but stringent legal framework on cyber security enabling extensive state control on cyber data and information in the country and at the same time impose burdensome compliance responsibilities to service providers in cyberspace.

These responsibilities shall include,among others,:

– verification of information when users register digital accounts;

– securing users’ information and accounts;

– providing users’ information upon written request from the Cybersecurity Task Force (CTF) under the Ministry of Public Security as part on an investigation or action against cyber security law breaches;

– blocking and removing offending information within 24 hours after receiving a request from CTF or other authority under the Ministry of Information and Telecommunication;

– Maintaining system logs for a duration of time to be set by the government;

– storing in Vietnam, if any service provide collects, exploits, analyzes or processes, such data of users’ personal information, users’ relationship or data created by users for a duration to be set by the government; and

– must have a branch or representative office in Vietnam, if a service provider is an alien and subject to information localization requirements to be set by the government.

This Law shall have a wide range impacts to and significant implications on compliance to cyber businesses and IT system owners while contemplate extensive powers to government authorities to inspect, investigate, block, limit, suspend or terminate operation of an IT system.

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